How Crucial is Responsive Design for Websites?

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Internet is flooded with websites that are unique and category specific. Internet users are following the trend of accessing websites through different devices other than a desktop or laptop. As compared to the previous years, the usages of portable devices like mobile phones, tablets etc. has increased remarkably. Responsive website designs are much in demand due to the increasing production of smartphones and other gadgets by the manufacturers.


What is a Responsive Website Design?

Websites having responsive design can be accessed through the devices of any screen size. The smartphone trend has boosted the all new website design type. It was stated in one of the survey that websites having responsive design are surfed more compared to the websites having normal design.

Here, we have included some of the reasons specifying how responsive websites are crucial for the modern businesses seeking wide range of customers.

Reasons for Website to get Responsive

Smartphones are Trending

As per the current scenario, smartphone are widely used by all the age groups, and so is the trend of using internet through smartphones. The current statistic offers an insight into the furious growth of portable devices with varied configuration. People are using their smartphones for opening emails, connecting through social networking websites, searching via search engines etc. i.e. almost every task that can be done through a desktop.

Importance of User Experience

If you make your website mobile friendly, there are fair chances of your website getting popular among users who use smartphones more than a PC or a laptop for accessing internet. But if your website is not mobile friendly then there are chances of majority of the site viewers would leave your website and go to other responsive websites to fulfill their quest.

Social Activities Bring Mobile Visitors

Social media has the power to acquire vast range of customers. Blogging and social marketing incorporated in your marketing strategy can get you more customers. Majority of the smartphone users have the habit of using internet through their smartphones. Thus social activities can get your responsive website better search engine ranking by increased visibility.

SEO Benefits

World’s most popular search engine “Google” had declared that it prefers more of responsive sites over simple websites. Websites having single URL (responsive website)) makes it easier for Google bot to crawl your website and make it visible in the searches rather than mobile websites that have separate URL and HTML for its desktop versions. Search Engine Optimization methods for responsive websites makes it search engine friendly.

Responsive website is the future of web development era. It might be a new concept but, it has been supported by the smartphone users due to its feature of fitting into the screen size. Convert your website design in responsive form and give your users a delightful experience.

Author: biztechweb
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