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If you’re looking to improve your flow of qualified hot prospects then THIS could be the most important website you’ll ever visit.

But before I explain why, if you’re like most people and it’s your first time here, then you might want to know what this website is all about, and the slightly unusual story behind it all. So….

Here’s the story…

My name is Graeme McGillivray, and I’ve been in business on and off for over 30 years. The reason it’s been on and off is that I never got the hang of marketing. Yes I could advertise and yes I could close a sale, but there was always a big problem that I never solved.

That problem was that my sales was like a rollercoaster ride, really busy for periods and really slow for periods, and I never had any control, effective control that is. I would work harder, try a few more advertisements, go to some more networking meetings, but try as I might I could not get a steady flow of qualified hot prospects, on a regular and consistent basis.

Well recently I decided to change this position, to get off the rollercoaster and onto the freeway of success, knowing that every morning I would start the day with a steady stream of pre-qualified prospects who wanted to do business with me.

In late 2010 I decided to dedicate myself to learning all I could about real-world practical marketing. I wanted a toolkit of actual methods that could be implemented fast and produce measurable results. This was not going to be an exercise in just theory, but actual techniques I could apply and profit from.

Which brings us to this website…

The first thing I learnt was that marketing is NOT something you learn, its something you DO, and that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

The second thing I learnt, actually had to unlearn, was that marketing is not an isolated function. I used to think of doing advertising first, then marketing, then sales, then fulfilment, then customer services, all just as pieces of my business, just as accounting, planning, etc were.

What I leant wasn’t classroom theory, it is real-life samples and examples that can be used to get a practical result.

The skills I learnt, anyone can learn, including YOU…

Marketing your business is critical; in fact this is what the great Dan Kennedy said in answering this question:

“I don’t have time to do all this ‘marketing stuff’, I’m overwhelmed just running my business.”

and his answer was:

“Regardless of what business you are in, the first big leap in income occurs when a business owner moves from thinking of themselves as a ‘doer of their things’ to a ‘marketer of their things’. You may resist this at first due to old habits, but until you do make the effort you are continuing to procrastinate!”

Are you using these excuses to hold of marketing your business?

  • Marketing is fascinating and intriguing, and maybe someday I could do some of those things.
  • I just don’t have the budget for a sustainable marketing effort.
  • I just don’t have any visibility to my potential clients
  • I can’t compete with my well established competitors
  • Prospects have unrealistic price expectations
  • I don’t do any advertising; all my business comes from referrals or from contract XYZ.

So if you are then you probably have already realised that:

  • You either are thinking about marketing, but not yet incentivised to start
  • Or, you think any marketing is going to be both expensive, and probably money wasted, money down the drain
  • Or, you don’t see a way to counter your competition
  • Or, in the case of relying solely on a prospect funnel such as referrals, the question you need to ask yourself is what happens if that referral moves, closes up shop, dies, or changes to another vendor? Now your business is significantly impacted.

A case study provided by the ANZ bank

Lets add one more piece of information to show that marketing, advertising and sales are not only critical, but they must be super efficient, even when you just don’t have the time to keep these important activities front and centre.

Dan Kennedy teaches that the correct sequence a business should take in their marketing is:

  • Define your “marketing message” first, based on your unique differentiation from your competition (40% of business founders start a business without even thinking they have a competitive advantage)
  • Next, define your “target market” to target your marketing message
  • Finally, choose the media to advertise your marketing message to your target market for the most impact and the best return on you marketing budget.

An ANZ case study reinforces the problem many NZ businesses have in their approach to marketing and advertising.

The ANZ case study shows what typically happens, when they choose the media first. This case study reported that the business spent $20,000 a year on marketing on radio, newspaper and Yellow Pages.

The business eventually decided to run a “How did you find us” survey and found that the $20,000 spend on radio, newspaper and yellow pages only produced 16% of the revenue. While 58% of their revenue came from existing customers and referrals.

The actual results showed that their initial media choices were seriously under-performing, and what’s worse is that they didn’t even know this until they eventually started measuring their ROI.

The leaky Bucket syndrome.

Not only do many businesses spend a lot of money on advertising media without knowing its value to the business, but the majority focus the marketing in the wrong area as shown in the ANZ case study.

If you have a leaky bucket and you want to keep the bucket full, do you constantly re-fill the bucket or do you fix the hole?

Obviously filling the hole is the first priority. Many businesses fail because they keep on trying to fill the bucket (find new customers) but don’t fix the hole (minimising the number of customers who leave).

You must have a customer retention plan in place as well as tactics to gain referral business from your existing customers. You need to think about the lifetime value of your customers and how to get them to spend more. Plus the many advantages of marketing to them first:

  • They cost less to manage.
  • Are less expensive to promote to.
  • Can refer business to you.
  • Is less price sensitive.
  • There’s no acquisition cost.
  • You can reward them to get them to buy more.

A final note on marketing. Remember, it’s not your customer responsibility to remember your business; it’s your responsibility to keep your customers informed of your business.

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“Are you still procrastinating about seriously growing your income and profits?”

Are you one of those people who get up every morning, brush your teeth, and then start worrying about how much money you are going to make today – like the hunter of old, leaving the cave, spear in hand, a hopeful attitude but a secretly troubled heart.

Or are you the businessperson who owns an “Ultimate Lead Generation Machine”. They get up in the morning with certain foreknowledge. They know they will have leads and income for this day, the next day and all those following days, because they have harnessed the power of a sophisticated, integrated marketing system that does all this automatically.

You are probably wondering what a marketing makeover has to do with your business?

Well, you can probably associate the concept of a makeover as a complete transformation or remodeling. A fresh look, simplifying and streamlining whatever is getting the makeover.

And marketing is a nebulous term, meaning almost anything (did you know that someone actually counted up all the types of marketing there are and got to 133! so no wonder everyone is confused). But I want to throw out to you an external and internal view of what marketing really means for your business.

  • The external view of your business’s marketing message is of course what prospects perceive of your business; is it uniquely different from your competitors, does it have an offer that excites them, would they like to do business with you?
  • The internal view of your business’s marketing is how well it supports every stage of your sales funnel. Does it cover likely objections when needed (such as price), does it build a feeling of “know, like and trust” in your prospects?
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Still not sure whether you need a marketing makeover?

I can understand that you may still have doubts, so why don’t your try the Marketing Makeover Quiz?

Pause here for a minute and take the quiz.


If you answered “YES” to any all those questions, then your marketing is probably in great shape. Continue on if you are interested in improving your revenue and profits further.

If you didn’t manage to answer “YES” to every question in the quiz then your marketing is probably not pulling its weight to your maximum benefit.

If you have rated ‘poor’ in the area of ‘advertising effectiveness,’ it is likely that you are wasting your marketing budget.

You are unaware of what kind of result to expect from each marketing method and routinely jump from one strategy to the next without any real plan – resulting in thousands of dollars being wasted on marketing strategies that were never going to work to begin with, or generate the kind of return on investment that you were hoping for.


If you have rated ‘poor’ in the area of differentiating your business, it is most likely that you are still yet to define what you stand for in your business… and because of this you’re afraid to step out from the pack and own your market place.

You are losing out on thousands worth of sales due to the fact that very few people know that you even exist… nor, do you currently possess the sway or confidence to successfully influence their purchasing decisions – yet!

Decide what you want to be known for and ‘own’ it with every essence of your being.


If you have rated ‘poor’ in the area of life time value, it is most likely that you are still yet to realise that you need to put in place a retention plan.

You are losing out on thousands worth of sales due to the fact that you are probably taking the wrong approach to the leaky bucket syndrome! It’s 3 to 4 times harder to try and sell to new prospects than to existing and past clients.


If your sales conversion rating is ‘poor,’ it’s time for a massive wake-up call.

Unfortunately you are failing at the MOST critical element in any business – converting prospective customers to paying clients. Without a solid sales process in place, you are quite literally losing tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year.


If your marketing rating is ‘poor,’ it’s time for a massive wake-up call.

Unfortunately you are failing at the MOST critical element in any business – which is that your marketing and sales are not aligned, you are treating them as two distinct and different activities.

You’re covered by our Performance Guarantee

Still sitting on the fence? Worried that this sounds too good to be true?

I understand! After all, it’s hard to know who you can trust these days, and you want to be sure you’re spending your hard earned dollars on something that’s going to give you RESULTS.

So here’s my pledge to you: If you take on one of our packages beyond the standard 3 months term and your unhappy with the results we will continue to work with you until you are happy with the results.

I’m prepared to take ALL of the risk on myself with this guarantee, because I KNOW that I can help you break through your current business plateaus and take you to a whole NEW level of success that has previously eluded you.

Sound like a fair deal?

If you would like to contact me personally to discuss this then I can be contacted at:

Graeme@marketing-makeover.co.nz now or call 021 918 667 to speak to a friendly team member to discuss your options.

So now you have a choice to make…

You can continue struggling to learn how to increase your business, and always be disappointed and frustrated with your lack of results…

You can keep dumping endless amounts of money into how-to books, videos and other systems, but still never get a single step closer…

Or you can make a modest investment to get all of the step-by-step help you need to increase your business, from someone who has already figured it all out, and can show you exactly what it takes to generate new leads, exposure and profit from your passion.

Get ready to create a flood of new customers, get them to buy over and over, and refer others – just by using these powerful marketing strategies I am going to share with you.
All the best,

Graeme McGillivray
Marketing Consultant

Contact Graeme@marketing-makeover.co.nz now or call 021 918 667 to speak to a friendly team member to discuss your options.

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My mission is simple: INSPIRE companies to ATTRACT more prospects, CONVERT those prospects into customers, and SYSTEMIZE sales and marketing divisions for maximum ROI.

I have 3 core philosophies to help me achieve this mission:

  1. I believe your time is valuable, and will not waste it.
  2. I believe that sales and marketing should be fun, and want to help you have a blast!
  3. I believe <marketing-makeover.co.nz> will be your favourite source for valuable and resourceful sales and marketing information.

These philosophies are very important to me, because I know that as I help you succeed, you will refer your friends and associates to <marketing-makeover.co.nz>, so I can help them as well.

Here is something you should know about me… I have a varied and unique background, that makes my material a combination of creative, yet practical; cutting edge, yet simplified. I am a champion of the entrepreneurial spirit and love to help companies kick butt. My strategies work for large corporations and smaller independent businesses. You can be sure… I will challenge the status-quo and raise the bar.

Now I know this isn’t for everybody. That’s OK with me.

But, if you’re ready to harness the power of my turbo-charged, sales and marketing system, fasten your seat belt and let’s go for a ride!