Consider this

”Can anyone guarantee that your marketing will be successful and profitable?”

The answer is yes, a definite yes!

Many of my marketing competitors work on a very simple model where marketing is either:

  • Online (a website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc), or
  • Offline (equates to antiquated snail mail, TV, radio, etc)

And, naturally they all focus on “online” for their customer’s advertising, marketing and sales activities.

I used to follow this model but I found it too simplistic, and inadequate to create a winning strategy.

 So what’s the alternative?

First, let’s go back to some basic first principles regarding “being in business”:

  1. “You must create a business plan to map out your road to success”
  2. “A business without customers is not a business, it’s a hobby”

Too often the business plan ends up just being a framework for an operational manual, how to do this or that on a consistent basis.

This “business system” is important, but usually it doesn’t address the “getting customers” bit at any strategic level.

If it does address any marketing activity, it’s usually something like:

  • Create a website, at least have our name, address and phone number on it.
  • Put the smallest entry possible in Yellow Pages (the free entry)
  • Try some advertising; local paper or some pamphlets, and see what sort of response there is.
  • Go to some network meetings and try networking.
  • Be patient and wait, and wait, and wait even more!

 What’s missing is a marketing system.

If I say to you “What’s the number of sales will you expect next week?” and you answer is anything BUT a number, then your marketing system is one of hope and faith, because you can’t make the predication for an answer!

With your marketing system, you should be able to estimate an answer based on:

  • The promotions you have planned
  • The nurturing of your customer list
  • The number of birthday promotions you send out on the first of the month
  • The traffic to your website,
  • Just to name a few.

From your marketing system you should be able to say “My sales next week should be no less than X and may be as much as Y”.

When you can give that sort of answer, you have a marketing system.

You need predictability of your marketing results, so you know how to answer, not just guessing.

That means you can plan, knowing (and not hoping) what’s going to happen in your business tomorrow, during the week, during the month, all with a reasonable degree of certainty.

With a marketing system:

  • You will be less concerned about your competitors
  • You will have a marketing message that sticks in people’s minds
  • You will have more opportunities to attract and acquire customers, and
  • More time and energy to sell by eliminating frustrations because you will have figured out what works and what doesn’t work.

 So, how do we create a marketing system?

Remember the simple model most people use for marketing?


(Scorned because it’s “NOT online”, and considered old and irrelevant)

  • Only use if desperate!





  • Build a website
  • Make the website popular
  • Add Facebook
  • Try and measure “success?”


As I mentioned before, this is a very simplistic model which does not allow you to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy.

So we need a more comprehensive model than that to build a marketing strategy, and here it is.

But first, let’s just recap on the question: “what exactly is marketing, and how does it apply to MY business”?

Marketing has morphed into such a generic term, that people use it as a verb that describes any activity remotely connected to advertising, marketing or sales.

I read an article the other day by a researcher, that there is 162 unique definitions of the word “marketing”, if that’s not confusing I don’t know what is. Terms such as:

  • Web marketing
  • SEO marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Etc. all imply some form of “marketing”

Marketing however still has three major components:

  1. Marketing – determining who are your “ideal” customers/ clients/ patients. Then determining your unique message to target them and finally developing strategies to reach out to them – the “market, message & media” concept.
  2. Advertising – delivering your unique message to your target market using the most appropriate channel for a positive return on investment (ROI) – i.e.: Lead Generation.
  3. Sales – converting leads into customers in a continuous, consistent and profitable revenue stream – i.e. Lead Conversion

The model I use to create a marketing system is based on a sustainable and profitable strategy. It’s based on the following top-level models.

The Marketing Model


cross tick


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Hope and pray

Build Trust

There are two main approaches for marketing:

  • Having a strategy is so critical for marketing. Without a strategy you have no plan, and without a plan you are spending money with no guarantee of a return. Even worse, is that without a plan, businesses normally only do the minimum they think necessary with marketing. That’s placing a severe handicap on your potential growth, potential revenue and potential profit. You need as many ways as possible to attract customers/ clients/ patients as you can manage, then if one slows or stops (refer to the Google example in the Advertising Model below) you business doesn’t lurch to a halt.
  • NOT having a strategy and just using tactics is so limiting that it’s a major hindrance to any sort of success and growth. If you hear people talking about “helping with newsletters”, “copywriting”, “building a website”, etc. then they are discussing tactics, not strategies. Tactics are necessary, but tactics without a strategy is a recipe for miss-adventure.

Key Actions:

  • Building trust – people today are bombarded with thousands of advertisements each and every day: “buy this”, “buy that”. There are also stories each and every day of someone being ripped off by another dodgy vendor or business. The sorry mess in the financial investment market is a prime example of thousands of people assuming trust when it wasn’t there. The result is many have completely lost their life saving. Consumers are now rightfully suspicious of any offer put out by businesses, so marketing now has to build up trust before offering any deals.
  • “Hope and Pray” (random acts of marketing) results from having no strategy, no marketing system, no marketing calendar. Marketing is basically follow what the competition is doing, set a budget, and hope. The sad fact is that most businesses have no idea why people won’t snap up their offer. Without building up trust, very few consumers are going to take up your offer, unless you are competing on price, and then only for a very low or discounted price at that.

The Advertising Model

Direct Response Advertising

cross tick

Brand Advertising

cross tick

Abdicate Control

Retain Control

There are two main styles of advertising:

  • Direct response requires the prospect/ customer/ client or patient to take some form of action. That does not necessarily mean a buying action. In fact to build trust, it starts with very small actions, like simply reading another web page or clicking on a link, etc.
  • Brand Advertising has been the traditional method of advertising for large companies, not specifying any sort of direct action, but simply advertising the company name/product/service, etc. This always seemed a waste of limited advertising budget to most small business, but this has now changed. Small businesses now need to build trust without forcing any sort of action as part of their marketing system.

 Key Actions:

  • Abdicate Control: I’ll mention this action first because too many businesses and marketers ignore this. The Google search ranking is a major case in point. The recent panda and penguin updates have caused millions of web sites to overnight lose their first page ranking simply because Google changed “their” rules one day when it suited THEM! If your only strategy to get new prospects relies on Google, then you have abdicated control to them, and you are at their mercy.
  • Retain Control:  There are many strategies available where you can still aim for a first page ranking in Google, but still retain control of your own destiny. Ignore this at your peril!

The Sales Model

Multiple Media

cross tick

Online Media Only

cross tick

NO Back End

With a Back End

There are two main strategies for sales:

  • Using multiple media (Distribution channels). There are only 7 possible distribution channels for bringing in leads; each channel of course has multiple options. Contrary to what most people assume, not every channel may be valid for your particular business, but having said that, don’t limit yourself to only one, try and include as many as you can.
  • Online Only. Online is one of the seven possible distribution channels. Even this channel has numerous options, such as a web site, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google search, etc. The interest in this channel, to the exclusion of others, is where most businesses concentrate. Businesses who are only interested in this channel are in all probability using some of the other distribution channels, but of course, without any planning with their marketing system, these other channels are not considered, not used and not planned for.

Key Actions:

  • Having a “Back end” (A Marketing Back Office). A marketing Back End (you may want to call it a marketing back office) is an essential multi-faceted system. It’s firstly a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system), a Lead Management system, a Lead Scoring system, a Lead Conversion system, a Sales Management system, a Lead Nurturing system and finally a “Business Intelligence” system that manages your sales pipeline from lead to customer, from customer to repeat customer and every communication and action in between.
  • NOT having a “Back end”. Would you run your business without a financial back end, even if it’s as simple a cash book? I doubt it. Yet how many businesses operate their “marketing system” without a marketing back end. No marketing strategy, no marketing plan, no marketing back end, random acts of advertising, no marketing business intelligence, its no wonder businesses struggle to attract and keep customers!

Remember that these three models are the top-level models, there is a lot more planning involved in creating a complete marketing strategy that needs to be handled below this level.

Our Process is:

Because online search is the most popular way of obtaining information about your business we begin by conducting a proprietary marketing profitability assessment that reveals…

  • The ideal customers/ clients/ patients your business should seek online.
  • The right set of objectives and goals your business should have for your online marketing.
  • The specific challenges you face marketing your business to your ideal customer’s/ client’s/ patients online.
  • Untapped opportunities in your businesses’ online marketing communications and approach.
  • The effectiveness of your offline channels for customer acquisition.

Next, we’ll show you which competitors are stealing your ideal customers/ clients/ patients each month online…and why.

We present a proprietary visual analysis of the key metrics which reveal the secrets of how your top competitors have been able to outperform your business’s online marketing, stealing your share of the most profitable customers/ clients/ patients every business desires and covets.

And…we break it down so you’ll completely see and understand the keys to your future online marketing success – and challenges.

Next, we present you with solutions that show you how you can begin to recapture your lost share of ideal new customers/ clients/ patients online.

A detailed, integrated marketing strategy is created for your specific business, identifying the elements most likely to attract new ideal customers/ clients/ patients looking for those services that make the most sense for your business – the solutions we manage for you in order to get more new ideal customers/ clients/ patients into your offices.

In our final step, if you request it, we will start you on your overall marketing strategy. In fact we offer to you a free gift of the first month’s subscription to our “Stop the Roller Coaster” package (see below).

Take the first step and schedule your business’s marketing profitability audit today.

 Our Packages

Take a ride to success on:

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NOTE (*)

Successful Selling Systems (SSS) Marketing University is our base marketing system comprising:

  • Your customised marketing roadmap allowing you to measure your progress to success.
  • 52 weekly lessons to show you exactly how you can apply them to growing your business. Each lesson gives you the what, why and “how to” with examples.
  • 10 quick start programs which you can implement to get your revenue growing fast
  • 27 Lead Generation strategies, supported by 70 tactics and 70 resources you can use.
  • 117 online strategies
  • 14 Lead Conversion strategies, 22 Getting More Transactions strategies, 18 Getting Higher Prices strategies and 35 Getting More Profits strategies
  • Plus 14 Case Studies


This training is based on you spending some time implementing the marketing strategies, but you must consistently take action each week.

If you want to fast-track your growth or if you want a helping hand to supplement your own efforts then we offer you marketing and consulting services for as long as you need it.

 Yes, we do have a guarantee.100_guarantee

Our guarantee is that you will have all the tools, resources and help you need to create a marketing strategy as a framework for your marketing system.

We can’t guarantee you will actually take any action, but if you do. You won’t be disappointed. In fact you will wish you had taken action years ago.

Take action now so you can take control of your own marketing system to accelerate your business growth and profitability.


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Certified Marketing Consultant

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